Guild Master

  • Provides overall guidance and leadership to the guilds direction.


  • Raider leader, HR, and loot council in addition to support GM inside and outside of raiding.
  • Functions as leadership in the absence of GM.

Core Raider

  • Progression Raider for end game content. Always in heavy demand and spot is not permanent.
  • Must have 90% Attendance
  • Top Mechanic Awareness
  • LIVES!!
  • Primary spot for raid invites


  • As important as a Core Raider, this role is for subs and backups. Life happens and Raiders are often called upon to fill the roles when the absence of a Core Raider is unable to make the raid.
  • Must have 75% Attendance
  • High Mechanical Awareness
  • Working to gain Core Raider Spot and/or happy to stay as backup
  • Secondary spot for raid invites


  • New Recruit looking to join the Raider Team
  • 2 weeks of showing up and clearing Farm content to gauge users skills
  • User may be invited to join progression or Mythic to test skills or fill in needed slots.
  • OPEN to anyone anytime looking to join the Core/Raider slots


  • Member of VPGamers just looking to have a good time.
  • A friend or family member (not necessarily exclusive) who wants to join in on F Night or other farm night contents.
  • People maybe to busy for raiding but still love to M+ or PVP always welcome.
  • Open to Anyone of VPGamers