Who We Are

VPGamers is an online gaming community made up of friends and family. What makes us unique is our membership’s long lasting relationships, dating back to 2002 and further. From Counter-Strike 1.6 to Starcraft 2 and League of Legends; we’ve been sponsored in tournaments in the Midwest Chicagoland Area and more. Our group strikes a healthy balance between a casual atmosphere and competitive thirst to see things through to completion. As our member base grows, so too must our community.

Gordon Hayward talks with IPL Casters Taylor “PainUser” Parsons, Above

 What We Offer

We offer a home to a diverse array of games and personalities within our ranks. Our communities are thriving on both World of Warcraft and Discord, with many folks playing a wide breadth of games beyond that. VPGamers also has a community streaming channel to allow the funniest and best of our community to show off their stuff. What you’ll find here is a group of folks looking to get things done, but above all, have a good time doing so.

 What We’re Looking For

VPGamers is looking for mature, adult players who enjoy gaming and relaxing with others. We’re about as clean as a puddle o’ mud, so don’t be afraid to dish out a few jokes and jabs! That said, make sure you can take one, too! Life is short, leave your political crusades and answers to the worlds problems at the door.

If you’re interested in joining then head on over to the forums and get signed up! Don’t hesitate to follow our social media channels and community Twitch channel for more! Discord information can be found on the forums as well as our rules and other information relating to guilds and communities within each game. If you’ve taken the time to read this far, don’t forget to remind Gamathor it’s okay to have two dads.